You Only Get One Life.
Stop Dieting.
Start Living.

You Only Get One Life.
Stop Dieting.
Start Living.

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 Kevin K Nutrition & Donuts!

It’s no secret that donuts are life. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love donuts? My name is Kevin Kaderabek and I’m the owner of Kevin K Nutrition. I’m also a well-known donut lover. 🍩🍩

But there are two secrets I want you to know about me right away. First, I didn’t always let myself eat donuts and second, I didn’t always look like this. I have been able to Stop Dieting and Start Living – and that’s exactly what I can do for you too! My approach to coaching is all about YOU!

  • One on One Nutrition Plan
  • Mentorship and Advice
  • Check-Ins and Progress Reports
  • Personalized Program – Because I Get To Know YOU!

In an industry that is fraught with restrictive crash diets, unsustainable results, and coaches chasing a quick transformation picture over their clients’ health, at Kevin K Nutrition, I strive to smash that mold.

Gone are the days of eating less and exercising more to achieve that perfect body. I will coach you using a flexible dieting approach to tracking macros. My approach is not restrictive, but rather prioritizes physiological health before physical changes and aims to build a better physique AND relationship with food. But, most importantly, my coaching is tailored to each person – my approach is tailored for YOU.

After all, there is only ONE you and everyone is unique in terms of lifestyle, nutritional needs, and food preferences, therefore, a nutrition program needs to be based on so much more than your height, weight, and age. And you know what that means? You can make room in your life for parties, holidays, Sunday brunch and yes – even donuts sometimes.

Contact me to set up a free call and I promise you, we can get you on a path to a healthier YOU so you can finally Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Kevin K Nutrition’s Blog

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 Riggs the Dog

Hi there! My name is Riggs (named after my Dad’s favorite character, Tim Riggins, on Friday Night Lights) and I was found when I was 4 weeks old in Los Banos, CA – tied to a tree by a shoelace, in an apple orchard. Thankfully, after moving to Dublin, CA a week later, my Dad, Kevin saw my picture online and rescued me! I hardly knew my previous owners, but whoever they were, they clearly weren’t very nice to abandon me like they did. However, as soon as I met Dad, I knew he was different and someone I could trust.

Like me, you may have been abandoned or mistreated by numerous coaches and/or diets in the past, and if you’re reading this, you must be interested in my Dad’s coaching services. Talk to him! I don’t know much about nutrition, but I can tell he knows a lot and is willing to do anything to help his clients. His compassion and empathy extend far beyond the love he has for me, and the way I hear him talk to his clients each and every day, I know they are much more than just ‘clients’. He took a chance on me and changed my life for the better – why not take a chance on him and see if he can’t do the same for you? You won’t be disappointed!

Name: Riggs (short for Riggins)
Age: 7 Months
Breed: Jack Russell + English Bulldog + ???
Favorite Song:  Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men
Favorite Workout: 24-Hour AMRAP: Sleep

Describe Your Perfect Day: After waking up and having breakfast, Dad would take me to the dog park to play with friends. I’d spend the rest of the day in-and-out of sleep, chewing on bones, sunbathing, and of course, my favorite pastime – bugging Dad while he tries to work. After dinner, we’d take another trip to the dog park, then head home to curl up in front of the TV and call it a day!

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A Nutritional Guide to Navigating Restaurants, Bars, and Social Events