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How To Increase Your Body’s Maintenance-Level Calories

How to Increase Your Body's Maintenance-Level Calories   The easy answer would be – SLOWLYYYYYY. But, let me extrapolate and give you some actual advice. And, before I dive into this, I’m talking the healthy and NATURAL way – no metabolism-boosting supplements or...

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Judgement Day

Judgement Day   “You Should Be Careful – You’ll Have A Heart Attack/Get Diabetes!”   Those are two statements combined into one, but believe it or not, those words came out of my own mother’s mouth. You see, my family has been close by throughout my entire...

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How To Track Alcohol Into Your Macros

How To Track Alcohol Into Your Macros   It's 'Thirsty Thursday' (not in my world...but, somewhere), so let’s talk alcohol! Whenever I am talking with someone about tracking macros, without fail, they eventually ask, “But, can I drink alcohol…?” And rightfully so!...

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Client Spotlight – Marty Atkinson

Client Spotlight Marty Atkinson    This is one of my clients, Marty, who I met at the CrossFit gym I used to coach at. He came to me after working with another well-known macro nutrition coaching company, previously, and one that had helped him see some pretty...

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The Lowdown On Micronutrients

‘Micros’ What Are They, Why Should I Care, and Where Do I Find Them?   If you know anything about my nutritional philosophy to achieving weight loss, it’s that QUANTITY has to be prioritized over QUALITY. It goes back to my blog post on Energy Balance - calories...

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The Lowdown On Macronutrients

‘Macros’ What Are They, Why Should I Care, and Where Do I Find Them?   I understand that some of the folks reading this may already have an understanding of, or may have even previously tried, tracking macros. However, I’m also well aware that for every one of...

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