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Marty Atkinson 


This is one of my clients, Marty, who I met at the CrossFit gym I used to coach at. He came to me after working with another well-known macro nutrition coaching company, previously, and one that had helped him see some pretty incredible weight loss and body composition results (see below for a shoutout they gave him on their Facebook page):



When he first shared this company’s post and his transformation pictures with me, my first thought was, “Wow! That’s amazing! What in the hell does he need me for?!” However, I also knew that there had to be more to the story or else he wouldn’t have been reaching out in the first place –  and there was…These are the pictures Marty took for me prior to us starting to work together:



As you can see, the incredible results Marty saw while working with the other macro nutrition coaching company were fleeting. Ultimately, the approach they took and the severe caloric deficit they put Marty in to achieve those results made it so they were unsustainable. They did a poor job educating him and never laid out a plan to answer the question, “I reached my goal weight and body composition, now what…?”


Marty’s Goals & My Plan For Him


Marty and I had numerous conversations about what his goals, and ultimately, he told me he was looking for a nutritional protocol that…

  1. Would help him lose weight and get back to the body composition he reached with his previous coach
  2. Would fuel his training. Between CrossFit and running, there was seldom a day that he wasn’t getting in some type of exercise. His performance in the gym had plateaued and he no longer wanted to feel lethargic & sluggish
  3. Was sustainable! He was ready to achieve the results he was after AND this time, keep them for the long-haul

As with all new clients, the first thing I had Marty do was track his current intake, to establish a baseline. Upon doing so, we found out that he was taking in 2,590 calories per day, to the tune of 109g fat, 164g protein, and 239g carbs. On the surface, it seemed like a pretty solid intake for a male of his age, size, and body type. However, this is where one size fits all formulas and cookie cutter templates fail. After asking Marty more questions about his lifestyle, he told me he did CrossFit 5-7x per week, enjoyed running 1-2x per week, worked full time, and has three adolescent children. He’s a busy man and with that level of activity, I knew he was under eating and a Reverse Diet would be the best way to start.

The concept of a Reverse Diet was brand new to Marty, which surprised me, as it’s something I figured his previous coach would have explained to him, and even had him on, at some point. But in any case, I explained what it was, why I thought it was a good idea for his situation, and what it would look like. He bought into the plan, gave me his commitment, and we hit the ground running!

In the first five weeks we worked together (one of which he was in New York on a business trip and didn’t track anything – we made this decision together and came up with solid strategies on eating while he was there), here’s what we were able to achieve:

  • Increased his calories by 330, per day
  • He lost 8lbs, going from 211lbs to 203lbs
  • He started setting PR’s in the gym on a regular basis and reported having more motivation, and energy, during his workouts than he had felt in a long time
  • NOTICEABLE improvements to body composition (see below)



I remember sending these same comparison pictures to Marty and this was the response I got:

The Final Results


Marty and I ended up working together for 12 weeks and if you thought the results he got in those first five weeks were impressive, feast your eyes!

weight loss from nutrition coaching success stories

weight loss from nutrition coaching success stories

Week 1: May 14th, 2018

Macros: 2,590 Calories – 109g Fat/164g Pro/239g Carbs

Weight: 212.9lbs

Week 12: August 5th, 2018

Macros: 3,240 Calories – 108g Fat/205g Pro/362g Carbs (+650 calories per day)

Weight: 195.3bs (-17.6lbs)


Like most people unfamiliar with the concept of a Reverse Diet, Marty was skeptical of how it would go, but he set his nerves aside and committed 100%. He completely trusted me, the process, and his hard work paid off tremendously. He was able to get back to a body composition he was proud of; his performance and how good he felt during his CrossFit workouts and runs even blew him away; he was eating 3,240 calories per day – talk about a sustainable intake and therefore, results!


Where Are We Now?


What I’m about to end with may surprise you. The best part of all of this is the fact that Marty and I no longer work together.

When he hired me, I told him that I couldn’t promise results in a certain amount of time, but that I WOULD help him achieve the results he was after. I also told him that my goal throughout our time together was to educate him. To share all the information he wanted to know and the things his previous coach had neglected to teach him. Why I had his plan structured the way I did; why I was making the changes to his macros that I did; how I knew when to make the changes; etc.

This is something I stress with all my clients, as I don’t want them to have to pay to work with me forever. I want them to stay for as long as they need to and want to, in order to feel comfortable and empowered enough to then take control of their own nutrition. It was a bittersweet day when Marty told me he’d no longer be needing my coaching, but he was departing for this very reason, so I couldn’t be anything but thrilled for him.

At the end of the day, I am in the business of REFERRALS, not RETENTION, Success to me is a client no longer having to work with me, and wanting to send their friends and family my way.

*Check out the ‘Success Stories’ section of my website to read Marty’s testimonial about our time working together*

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