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I started working with Kevin at the beginning of January. Previously, I had tried various fad diets, such as Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, and Low-Carb, but none of them seemed to work with my lifestyle. I wanted to find a way of eating that allowed me to work out, eat healthy, but also go out and have a few beers on the weekend. I was tired of sticking to a ‘plan’ all week that forced me to go off plan when the weekend came, in order to take part in social events I wanted to. Let’s be real, I work out to drink a few beers on the weekend ; )

When I first started and Kevin had me do a few days of tracking my regular diet, it was shocking how much I was under-eating and not giving my body the proper nutrients, and fuel, for my lifestyle and goals. Even though fat loss was my goal, Kevin explained why starting on a Cut wasn’t ideal, explained the benefits of a Reverse Diet for my situation, and I am now up ONE THOUSAND calories per day from that first week – and I’m continuing to see progress!

Increasing my calories has not only led to fat loss (which isn’t our main goal at the moment), but I am now able to include more of those calorically-dense foods I enjoy into my daily intake – think ice cream and IPA’s!

The best part is Kevin is always there when you have questions about tracking macros, giving tips & tricks on the best ways to keep track, helping create the perfect workout routine that fits your lifestyle, and letting you know that it’s not just okay, but it’s GOOD to go enjoy yourself. He preaches finding balance and I couldn’t recommend a better macro nutrition & lifestyle coach. 

Week 1: January 8th, 2018

Macros: 1,900 Calories – 65g Fat/165g Pro/164g Carbs

Weight: 196lbs

Week 18 : May 7th, 2018

Macros: 2,898 Calories – 90g Fat/185g Pro/337g Carbs

Weight: 189lbs

Change: +998 calories per day; -7lbs

Jonathan Crain

Prior to working with Kevin, I had tried a few different approaches to my nutrition, including following the Paleo and Ketogenic Diet. Although these diets were successful in weight loss, they were an unrealistic approach for me. Whenever I would attend a social event, I would binge on sugary beverages, sweets, and perhaps an alcoholic drink or two, which typically resulted in a downward spiral that turned a “cheat day” into a “cheat week”…sometimes more. I would eventually decide to jump back on board, but I was constantly struggling with the ups and downs of what I could, and could not, eat.

At the beginning of 2017, I decided to give flexible dieting a try. I initially spent $250/month and worked with two different coaches, from two separate nutrition companies (not in unison, obviously). These coaches simply gave me different macronutrient numbers and would change them, occasionally. I had no guidance and no support. Just when I was about ready to give up, Kevin came into my life and changed my outlook on food, and how to incorporate flexible dieting into my lifestyle. He took the time to explain why tracking your macros is also known as flexible dieting.  

I consider myself to be a foodie -I simply love food and my kryptonite is sweets! The beauty of flexible dieting is that I can eat anything I want, within moderation. I no longer feel restricted! Yes, quality matters and the majority of what I consume on a daily basis falls into the ‘healthy’ category, but what if I wake up late and didn’t pack my lunch? Or what if someone brings donuts to work? Does that mean I panic and don’t eat, or the complete opposite and overindulge? With flexible dieting, I have the flexibility to adapt and find something to eat at a restaurant lunch or eat a donut if they’re calling my name in the break room.

From my experience with previous coaches, Kevin certainly takes the initiative to go above and beyond, even still after working with him for over a year. Kevin is passionate about food and the human body, which becomes clear after an initial conversation with him on the phone. He listens to your goals, your struggles, and constantly provides education and direction. He is a realist and understands life happens. Sometimes we overindulge, under eat, work long hours, cannot make it into the gym, struggle with health setbacks that are out of our control, do not get enough sleep – the list is endless. But instead of putting you down for not sticking to your numbers, he encourages you to keep moving forward and always stresses that tomorrow is a new day. Ladies, trust me, he is also familiar with emotional breakdowns, because I may have had a few over the last year. He actually handles them quite well. He constantly supports you and makes himself available through email, text, and phone conversations. If you have a question, ask! He doesn’t charge extra to answer and provide his own feedback. If there is a question he doesn’t have an answer for, I guarantee he’ll find the answer and get back to you as soon as he does. He strives to constantly learn new things for his own benefit, but also the benefit of his clients. There is no one else I would rather work with!

Alyssa Patterson

Yes, this is Kevin and I want to share with you my own ‘transformation’. These pictures are not 30, 60, or 90 days apart, as I don’t take that approach with my clients, so you better believe I practice what I preach. These pictures are 5 years apart.

I weigh about 220lbs in the picture on the left and was the most recent picture I could find from right before I started tracking my macros and Flexible Dieting. I was eating a ‘clean’ diet – meaning, outside of the occasional indulgence, I did my best to eat your typical ‘bro’ diet of broccoli, chicken breast, brown rice/sweet potato. I had no sense of food QUANTITY, but instead, put all my focus into food QUALITY. Clearly, it wasn’t paying off for me…In the picture on the right, taken recently, I weight 200lbs. Not only is my body composition better, but I achieved it by getting to eat the foods I want! While dessert is a DAILY occurrence, I do still prioritize an 80/20 approach, with 80%+ of my food coming from ‘Paleo’ foods.

What you can’t see is, 1) The amount of food I am eating on a daily basis, and 2) The mental transformation I have also undergone.

As I said before, ‘left Kevin’ has no idea how many calories he is eating on a daily basis. However, ‘right Kevin’ is consuming 4,200+ calories/day, which makes it very easy to sustain that body composition. When I started tracking my macros, 2,500 calories/day would have been a safe estimate of my maintenance-level calories. Over the years and through many patient cycles of Reverse Dieting and Cutting, I have trained my body and metabolism, to where my new maintenance-level calories are somewhere in the 4,200-4,500 calories/day, range. PATIENCE – play the long game, as nothing nutritionally speaking, when done correctly, should happen fast.

‘Left Kevin’ had a terrible relationship with food. He had been brainwashed into vilifying foods and thus, restricted himself from eating anything ‘unhealthy’. However, ‘left Kevin’ wasn’t perfect, like everyone, and he’d have moments of weakness where he’d indulge. What followed was a roller coaster ride of shame, self-loathing, and guilt, before physical punishment in the form of additional exercise. ‘Right Kevin’ on the other hand, has a much better relationship with food (still not perfect – yes, the emotional scars remain). He knows that foods in it of themselves don’t make people fat, and as long as he accounts for the food within his macro goals for the day, he indulges guilt free. He no longer avoids social situations in which he’d be tempted by food and is living a much fuller, happier life because of it.

Kevin Kaderabek

“I’ve worked with Kevin for two months, now, leading up to a vacation. Prior to hiring Kevin, I was following a normal diet (low calorie) and tried counting my macros on my own for a month but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. As soon as we got started, he upped my calories and put me on a Reverse Diet. He explained why he was doing everything in great detail. I mean…GREAT detail. He went into how the body responds to specific things I was doing and what was hindering fat loss, and how the Reverse Diet would help with fat loss. He even talked about hormones and glucose levels – it was awesome! I could instantly tell he was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does.

From then on, Kevin was just a text, email, or phone call away if I had any questions about anything. The weekly check-ins were fun and helped him pinpoint where he needed to focus his attention. I went from 173lbs to 159lbs in 2 months and lost 3% body fat. My strength increased and so did my stamina – set numerous PR’s during my training. I was eating 1,500 calories per day before starting with Kevin and in the 2 months we were together, he increased them to 2,300 calories per day. I went from eating yogurt for breakfast to having pancakes every morning.

The results speak for themselves. Kevin is a great coach and I would recommend hiring him in a heartbeat.”

Week 1:

Macros: 1,555 Calories – 55g Fat/120g Pro/145g Carbs

Weight & Body Fat %: 173.2lbs & 23.2% Body Fat

Week 8:

Macros: 2,285 Calories: 77g Fat/155g Pro/243g Carbs

Weight & Body Fat %: 159.6lbs & 20.1% Body Fat

Change: +730 kcals/day; -13.6lbs; -3.1% Body Fat

Dan Cox

I started working with Kevin in May 2018, after deciding it was time to turn my nutrition around. It had been about a year since I worked with a previous nutrition coach, who had actually helped me experience rapid weight loss results. However, the problem was that I dropped weight too quickly on that program, including muscle, and it wasn’t sustainable – it wasn’t long before I gave back all of the “gains” I had made. So, a year later, I decided to make another big push with my nutrition, but this time the focus was to learn new and SUSTAINABLE habits.

Kevin and I sat down and came up with a plan, and we put the wheels in motion. Right off the bat, I noticed this program and Kevin’s approach Kevin was different, as he was increasing my macros nearly every week. This was, as he called it, a Reverse Diet. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first, but I trusted the process and did my part by hitting my numbers…and hitting the gym. What I quickly realized was that I had more energy than ever and this fueled me to work out even harder, and for longer periods, in the gym. I quickly began performing better at CrossFit and setting PR’s, and my endurance has been through the roof. Despite the added calories to my diet each week, the number on the scale has been dropping at a steady rate and the significant loss of body fat over a relatively short time frame has been incredible! My body composition has changed in huge ways – I’m stronger, leaner, and I feel amazing. In fact, one of the best parts of it all has been the improved sleep and overall wellbeing outside of the gym, something Kevin has always prioritized from the start. I’m getting better and longer periods of sleep each night, and I’m full of energy, which has even further fueled my workouts.

It’s an amazing cycle that I’m in right now, and the best part is that I’m able to do it while eating foods that I like and enjoying life without feeling deprived, restricted, or like I’m on a ‘diet’. Kevin’s knowledge in the fields of nutrition and fitness is vast, and his program works.  Step up to the plate and be ready to do your part (measure, weigh, track, and check-in), learn from Kevin (don’t be shy to ask questions), trust the process, and the results will come!

Week 1: May 14th, 2018

Macros: 2,590 Calories – 109g Fat/164g Pro/239g Carbs

Weight: 212.9lbs

Week 12: August 5th, 2018

Macros: 3,240 Calories – 108g Fat/205g Pro/362g Carbs

Weight: 195.3bs

Marty Atkinson

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